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James D. Hartt, Employee Attorney

As an employment discrimination lawyer, James D. Hartt can help you if you find yourself in a compromised work environment, whether it’s disability discrimination, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, religious discrimination, or wrongful termination. I know the state and federal laws and with a competent employment lawyer, you can achieve affordable justice. Contact me today to discuss your situation and defend your rights.

Criminal Defense - Felonies & Misdemeanors

Wrongful Termination/Discrimination

Civil Litigation

Commercial/Business/Civil Litigation/Securities/Commodities Litigation/Arbitration

Contract Litigation

Contract Drafting / Interpretation

Employment Law

Professional Licensure Defense

*James Hartt is also available to act as a Mediator for most Civil Disputes

**James Hartt is also available to act as a Mediator for most Commercial/Business/Civil Disputes

 ***Please note that James Hartt does not practice Bankruptcy Law and Domestic Relations Law.